Introducing cloudONE for agile management of Finance, Warehouse, procurement, and Sales.

  • cloudONE helps you manage all day to day operations in a user friendly, yet professional way such as: Procurement Invoices, Sales Invoices, Returns to Vendors, Returns from Customers, Payment Methods, Reminder of Installments, Product Patches and Expiry Notifications. Customer Databases, Vendor Databases, Plus Internal Announcements, Prices, Printouts, and More.
  • cloudONE prevents any employee from selling out of stock products.
  • cloudONE prevents all human mistakes, prevents unauthorized behavior. and records every action done by any employee for auditing purposes.
  • cloudONE send alerts to the Management in case of any delay or defect in the Process, such as: Product below Min Limit, Patch Expired, Patch will Expire Soon, Customer Reached time Limit, Customer Reached Credit Limit, Vendor Reached time Limit, Vendor Reached Credit Limit, and more.
  • cloudONE comes with customizable reports that make every little information in your "business live information" one click away, such as: Inventory Report, Inventory Totals Report, Sales Report, Products Report, Customer Accounts Report, Expenses Report, Cash Flow Report, Employee Sales Report, Shift Sales Report and more.
  • cloudONE supports bar code readers and the printing of Invoices and Cash Receipts on plain paper, letterhead and thermal printers in both English and Arabic.
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