Introducing cloudSTMS for agile management of Customer Support.

  • cloudSTMS helps you manage all day to day operations in a user friendly, yet professional way. cloudSTMS is divided into three main parts: Customer Account, Support Team, and Management.
  • Customer Account: Every Customer has his own account where he/she can add/edit/close or check the Status and Responses of his/her Tickets. East Ticket must be assigned a Severity and a Department to be forwarded to the appropriate support members.
  • Support Team: Support Team members are assigned tasks based on Department, Severity, Time opened, Time of last action. Support Team members receive Alerts for unhandled tickets that was left more than a period defined by management. Also tickets are escalated automatically when they reach their max response time.
  • Management: Managers can edit Ticket Alert Time, Max Response Time, and can check the status of each Department, Employee, and Single Ticket.
  • cloudSTMS comes with customizable reports that make every little information in your "business live information" one click away, such as: Tickets Report, Department Report, Employee Report, Average Response Time, Customer Satisfaction Report, and more.
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