Introducing cloudSMS for agile management of Subscription-Based Businesses such as health clubs and libraries.

  • cloudSMS helps you manage all day to day operations in a user friendly, yet professional way. cloudSMS is divided into three main parts: Reception, Sales, and Management.
  • Reception: Receptions can verify the identity and validity of the customer's subscription easily by passing the customers card through a bar code reader, that's when the software displays all customers photo, personal information, and all the valid (green) and expired (red) subscriptions.
  • Sales: Sales Reps can create customer accounts, and manage their subscriptions, plus, a while before the end of a customers subscription ends, him and the sales team get notified automatically.
  • Management: Managers can add, edit, a delete subscriptions, edit costs.
  • cloudSMS comes with customizable reports that make every little information in your "business live information" one click away, such as: : Sales Report filtered by day, month, and year. Employee Sales Report, Cash Flow Report, Customer Account Report, Cash Flow Report, Employee Account Report and more.
  • cloudSMS supports bar code readers and the printing of Invoices and Cash Receipts on plain paper, letterhead and thermal printers in both English and Arabic.
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